Rustbelt Fiberwerks

Leah Parkhurst makes home-wares out of fabric, thread and ink; with insight and purpose. Everything is handcrafted at her studio in charming Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The goal is to craft goods that add magic and meaning to everyday life, maintaining a connection from the print room directly to your home.

Rustbelt Fiberwerks began in a basement of a small Riverwest duplex in 2006, before eventually moving to its current shop a few blocks down the road. However, long before that, Leah grew up sewing and crafting with family and friends. She was always making things, and began to sell screen-printed clothing, accessories for the home, and handmade jewelry at farmer’s markets and craft fairs. Finding success in those markets, she hit the ground running (or biking more likely) and hasn't looked back since. In the years since Leah started down this riotous and unruly path, she’s had the opportunity to work with and learn from dozens of brilliant crafts people. All of whom helped put their energy into fostering a company that is devoted to domestic goods and happy house-wares. 

Leah has exhibited at Milwaukee's Mercy Hill Gallery, Walker's Point Center for the Arts and IN:SITE. She has participated in juried arts and crafts fairs such as Art Vs. Craft (Milwaukee), Renegade Craft Fair (Chicago, San Francisco & Brooklyn), ICE (Atlanta), Crafty Wonderland (Portland) , INDIEana Handicraft Exchange (Indianapolis), Crafty Feast (Columbia), Craft Saturday (Des Moines) and Strange Folk Fair (St. Louis), as well as numerous local markets, galleries and boutiques. She holds a fine arts degree  as well as an art history degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.