Rustbelt Fiberwerks

The ride through life that brought me to Rustbelt Fiberwerks and ultimately my own visual language has been an exciting one. The journey has been filled with paint, textures, shapes and adventure. All these discoveries are what continue to thrill me day by day and have motivated me to care about my environment in many different ways including the production of my products, how I decorate my space, preparation of food and how I participate in my community. This path has been filled with ups and downs, hooting and hollering and most importantly learning. My narrative can be illustrated in fabric, printed by hand, cut apart and then sewn back together again.

At Rustbelt Fiberwerks, I am committed to using ecologically sustainable supplies and tools at every phase of the process. I print and sew recycled garments and thrift store yardage to make home furnishings and other housewares. I sew and manipulate my fabric scraps into quilt tops, cushions or to add decorative elements to other pieces. This optimistic use of material inspires me to create a string of objects and surfaces that facilitate a sense of comfort throughout your house.

Rustbelt Fiberwerks was established in the summer of 2006. Our main focus remains home textiles with an emphasis on distinguished linens for kitchen and dining.